StarCraft Pylon USB Charger

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Категории: Фигурки, статуэтки

Теги: StarCraft, USB, Pylon, Charger

Упаковка: картонно-слюдяной бокс

Материал: PVC, метал
Разработчик/Издатель: Blizzard

Высокая детализация. Ограниченный тираж.
Высота фигурки - 19 см.
Высота коробки - 25 см.

With room for 2 USB chargers, there’s no need to construct additional pylons—this is the only one you need! This Pylon will fit perfectly on your desk, can connect to your PC or an outlet, and it also lights up. For Aiur!

This Starcraft II Protoss Pylon Desktop Power Station is both a light and a charger. It gives you access to the great psionic energy matrix emanating from Aiur, but, in case you can't tap into that, it also has an AC Adapter. Its 2 USB ports can power all your devices that charge via USB (provided you have the correct cable - it ships with one micro-USB cable). Note: We do not recommend you overcharge and rush with these. The power cable ain't long enough.

Product Specifications

  • Officially-licensed and created by ThinkGeek
  • Lights up
  • 2 USB ports (2.1 Amp & 1 Amp)
  • Compatible with anything that charges via USB (just provide your own cable if it's not micro-USB)
  • On/off switch controls light in case you want to charge in the dark
  • Dimensions: 5" diameter x 7" tall
  • Weight: 6 oz. (without the AC adapter)
  • Includes pylon power station, 100-240v ~50-60Hz .5A AC adapter, and a micro-USB
  • Purchase limited to 2 Pylons per customer.
Размер 19 см
Материал металл, пластик

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